Talk: Fukushima: A Retrospective, February 28, Thomson 101, 6:30 PM

Looking back close to the seventh anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster, society not only continues to contend with the effects of the accident, but also with the questions of nuclear energy. How can we move forward to safely produce energy using nuclear power? And how can we prevent such a tragedy from occurring again?

Join us for light refreshments as retired U.S. Navy Captain and nuclear energy consultant Reid Tanaka relates his experience leading the U.S. response team through the crisis, and what he believes is in store for the future of nuclear energy.

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As a student chapter of the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management, INMM@UW supports the mission of ensuring the safe, secure and peaceful stewardship of nuclear materials for all mankind. As a Registered Student Organization at the University of Washington, we will work to unite students, faculty, and community shareholders with industry professionals to support this mission. We will engage students and faculty from STEM disciplines, international relations, public policy, public health, environmental science, political science, and foreign languages departments to reflect the diversity and needs of the nuclear field.
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