October Event: 5 Minutes to Midnight

Death, Destruction and Deterrence:

Grave Concerns

 On October 29th at 5:30

INMM@UW presents

Dr. Robert Butterworth

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.07.05 PM

In keeping with the Halloween theme of the month, our subject matter is the scariest thing we can think of…the prospect of nuclear war. Our speaker is going to discuss, among other things, America’s nuclear arsenal. His talk is titled “Death, Destruction, and Deterrence: Grave Unknowns.”

The event will take place in Allen Auditorium (in Allen Library) on 10/29 at 5:30.

Register early, seating is limited!

Registration has now ended. Please attend our next event!

Bob Butterworth, a member of the Breaking Defense Board of Contributors, is a consultant and expert on nuclear issues and intelligence. The president of Aries Analytics, Butterworth was former senior advisor to the head of Space Command and was a staffer on the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, as well as on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.


As a student chapter of the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management, INMM@UW supports the mission of ensuring the safe, secure and peaceful stewardship of nuclear materials for all mankind. As a Registered Student Organization at the University of Washington, we will work to unite students, faculty, and community shareholders with industry professionals to support this mission. We will engage students and faculty from STEM disciplines, international relations, public policy, public health, environmental science, political science, and foreign languages departments to reflect the diversity and needs of the nuclear field.
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